Persuasive Essay Speech Topics

Have you just received your next assignment and it is a persuasive essay speech?  Instead of writing down your ideas on paper just for your class lecturer,  you now have to present this assignment to your entire class.

The good news is that principles of writing a persuasive essay are the same as giving a speech.  You still have an introduction, issues about the topic to discuss and a conclusion.  What may be difficult is what topic you will choose to talk about if it is not assigned.  Not only do you have to demonstrate good literary skills, you have to entertain 20 or 30 people.

To make this job a little easier, here are more than 70 topics you can research for your next presentation -

1. Human rights
2. Smoking/drugs
3. Family problems e.g. divorce
4. Freedom of speech
5. Aids
6. Gambling
7. Parental rights
8. Children’s rights
9. Women’s rights
10. Cost of higher education
11. Emigration/relocation
12. Child abuse
13. Marriage as an institution
14. Capital punishment
15. Gay rights
16. Rape
17. Prisons
18. Crime and violence
19. Education
20. The media
21. Racial prejudice
22. Social justice
23. Law and order
24. Prostitution
25. Green movement
26. Endangered species
27. Deforestation
28. Pollution
29. Vivisection (animal abuse)
30. Greenhouse effect
31. Toxic waste
32. Nuclear accidents
33. Zoos
34. Poaching
35. Game parks
36. Overpopulation
37. Pop culture – music, fashion
38. Book reviews
39. Musical instruments
40. Subject matter of music lyrics
41. Musicians
42. Movie stars
43. Award ceremonies
44. Theatre
45. Digital systems e.g. home theatre, photography
46. Music
47. Television programs
48. Movies
49. Dancing
50. Stage
51. Ballet
52. National pride
53. Fairy tales
54. Proverbs
55. Love
56. Marriage
57. Weddings
58. Superstitions
59. Music
60. Poetry
61. Opera
62. Drama
63. Comedy
64. Value of computers in education
65. The Internet – pros and cons
66. Chat lines/newsgroups
67. Bill gates & Microsoft
68. Computers vs. print
69. Terrorism
70. Information super highway
71. Email as a means of communication
72. Computer literacy

These are broad topics to get you started.  First, pick one that interests you and start to narrow it down.  Start with some basic research – is there any current social issues about that topic for you to talk about? Try and find a topic that your audience willl find interesting.  For example, take the topic “terrorism” – you could narrow this down to the question of “What is a terrorist and what is a freedom fighter?”.

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